Re-breathing purifing method

    You know when you ʻre working on yourself you get in to the stage where you feel that you need your body purifing and for that is method for you by using Re - breathing, that teaches you using breath and work with the body to get into another state of consciousness and purify your body from the sediment.

    !!! Very strong method for purifing !!!!

    After the course, you will feel reborn. We learn the technique, and if necessary you can always apply yourselves at home, for example when:
    • Working with people
    • After a busy day, when you return home without power
    • various courses, lectures and workshops focused on self
    • working as a masseur terapist, cosmetics, coach, etc ... when often clients enough therapists take energy, leaving the client as a newborn and you are exposed to (the topic of the border suggest Consciousness horses )
    5day resulting course (7 hours):    4900 CZK
     repetition lesson (75 min):             750 CZK

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