Body maping

    Since my childhood I always sat and watched the people as they move, how gestures express some sympathy, the relationship to a specific person, and also the feedback of the person. This sense of observation and also works with the body, in time also with massages it helped me a stage where I can maping the body of your behavior patterns of which can also derive your current life.

    The body is a map of our soul through and it can be read. This information I can convey, but only what can be made available and what you allow me, I respect your boundaries and limits of your body. What are you gonna do with that information is up to you. But even with this I can help trought the conscious dance, essence, coaching, conscious dance with horses, conscious massage ....

    All this can be read from the body and I can convey to you. Using body mapping and reactions of your body to stimuli can be read as:
    • closed heart
    • how youʻre doing to their boundaries
    • your responsibility - you accept it or you give the responsibility that belongs to you
    • whether suppressing some emotions, sometimes you can even find out why
    • their relationships (family, friends, colleagues, partner / ka)
    • sexuality
    • if you have too much in your head
    • What you are aware of and what not (behaviors)
    • if you can cast anchor or in the clouds
    • what are your skills and talents
    • etc...

    Recommended for: intensive work himself, detection blocks and patterns in our lives, for people who work with them or you begin to know something board, or we suffer repetitive scenery in our life and we do not know why, depressive state

    Therapy includes: consulting (explanation of the therapy, how it will be and what youʻre going to do), body mapping, final consultation during which you will learn everything that was loaded (you write) as well as possible solutions that we offer at the Centre of regeneration and rebirth

    Price approx 90-120 min therapy: 1900 CZK

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