The key is to clarify exactly what you goal to achieve it if you do not know how to define exactlyI can help u with this as well. During the consultation, I listen, and I lead you in to your own solution by building your awareness and acceptance of responsibility. Consultation works as a support, active feedback, mapping the structure of the problem and with that help you achieve your project faster and with greater efficiency.

    Responsibility for the result come from you because you carry yourself steps that you make are your own decisions. Iʻll leave you to seek your own path and be aware of ways.

    I can consultated you also trought skype, phone but I prefer a personal meeting.

    Take care about your thoughts because they become words.
    Take care your words because they become actions.
    Take care of your actions, because they become habits.
    Take care of your habits, because shape the character.
    Take care of your character, because shape destiny.
    Destiny is your life.
    Change your thoughts and you change your life.

    Consultation Price:          700 CZK/hour
    Package of 10 lessons:   5900 CZK (590 CZK/hour)

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