Conscious dance

Dance therapy: Consciously working on ours internal settings and through the experience with conscious movement are moving to a higher level of being. In this way we can learn and absorb information. Like that we create and strengthen connections synapses in our brain that play a key role in the rapidly changing events in our lives.
To succeed, we need to go through and make passable the four gates:

  1. Becoming Consious of how it got set up in my self, who I am, how it works, reveal ours inner self;
  2. Acception of who I am, how do I set up in my self;
  3. Transformation, deepen our skills, our setup, balance or change,
  4. The fourth and last is realization.

Our body communicates with us, learn to listen to him and cooperate with him through his expression and it gives us information to all of what we need to our life. Will lead us trought life and along with our actions to our set goal.

And I said softly to my body: "I want to be your friend." Body took a deep breath in and answered me: "I waited fot that whole my life"

Water, tea and snacks during the course are for FREE.

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