Body care

    Here you can pamper your body different types of therapies from head to toe, therapy can be well combined.

    If you do not pass all or can not find what you're looking for, just call + 420 725 817 969 and say what the treatment you expect and what it should contain, and I will help you find the right one for you  or create a therapy right for you tailored to your requirements .

    Classic massage

    This massage starts with cocsulatation which show us the way to go in massage by your preferences. On the end of massage u will feel full of energy, love, harmony, release, like reborn and that feeling will stay there for another 14 days (its feed back from my clients).

    Massage price:     60 min     890 CZK/1780 CZK (couple massage for two)
    Massage price:   120 min    1550 CZK/3100 CZK (couple massage for two)

    Love your life

    Combination of your goal, essential oils, me, and others beings is achieved by anchoring you and your goal, let it penetrate into your heart and radiate away into the wide world to this intention attract into our lives. At the same time releasing any resulting barriers or inconsistency, emotions, solidified lots, etc ...

    Pressure massage: light to medium pressure, points may be stronger

    Recommended for: if you have a clear intention and wish to support on the way to his execution, while exploring body through touch, beautifying and pampering, or a good rest

    Result: you can experience a pleasant heating of certain parts of the body, harmonize, color range lights, getting rid of the weight, helps attract your intention, releasing blockages, helps sensitize the body, carries the unconscious into consciousness, releasing emotions, relaxes

    Price of therapy:    60 min   CZK   990

    Price of therapy:   120 min  CZK 1,700



    90% our blocks we create in our head. Thanks to this unique luxury relaxation massage technique with change movements  we release oversize energy our head to the hole body system. 

    Recomended for: if you have a problem to go to sleep or wakeing up offen during the night, for people who need to thing to much (managers), depresion, sress, high load, for deep relaxation 

    Result: deep release and relaxation, switch head off and spread oversize energy to hole body out.

    Treatment price: 45 min     850 CZK



    Lava stones are specific like element of fire, which can release very deep blocks and like that give a place for another projects, thoughts, ets....Also together with esence of Araryba it will conect us with mother Earth + crystals conect us with our spirit 

    Stones are of course after each clients deep clened like fyzicly also energeticly and powered with energy of mother Earth, Sun or Moon up to need for maximum efekt for you. Thats why I can work with stones only two times in week (have only 2 sets for massage). 

    Recomended for: lovers of hot terapy, for deep release stiff of muscal, integration, focus on your project 

    Massage price: 120 min     1650 CZK (+ esencional oil with your choice + essence Araryba in massage oil)


    Touch of chocolate

    Luxury procedur from 100% chocolate of higest quality. 

    Stimulates producing dopamin and release endorfin, serotonin in the brain. That brings happines. This feeling make more relaxation changes movements of massage which release overside head even more and sprite it in to the hole body system.

    Recomended for: anxiety, depresion, imposible to release or relax, etc...

    Result: high relaxation, brings happines, harmonization, moinster skin, , navodí pocit štěstí, harmonizuje, zvláčňuje a tonizuje pokožku, nourishing

    Treatment price: 120 min      2500 CZK

    Treatment price: 180 min      3400 CZK


    Hole body detox - the power of dead sea

    Recommend for: Treatment for deep detoxification of the body. They provide the body with trace elements that improve cellular activity reminalizují tissue, firm and moisturize the skin. Additionally, it improves capillary circulation.

    Price of treatment: 120 min     1650 CZK
    Price of treatment: 240 min     3590 CZK

    Algamate - anticelulite treatment

    Recommended for: cellulite, fat deposition, fluid retention
    Luxury treatment for elimination of cellulite in the abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks with maximum efficiency active ingredients for the most demanding clientele.
    Result: cellulite removal, self-stimulation to remove cells that cause cellulite, firming and softening the skin
    Active ingredients: an extraordinary blend of essential oils ( aromatherapy ), thermal
    mud from red seaweed, retinol, white clay and alginates, arctic seaweed, salt from the Dead Sea, oligoelements

    Body treatment:  90 min     1750 CZK

    Lipo Easy - weight loss

    For women and men who want an effective, natural and fast-acting treatment to reduce fat cells. It helps maintain a healthy appearance with maximum results in very short time.

    Active ingredients: caffeine, guarana, carnitine, theobromine

    With lipolysis accumulated fats are converted into saturated fatty acids and glycerol, which are processed metabolism. Treatment significantly accelerates lipolysis - fat reduction and processing.

    Body treatments: 120 min     1950 CZK

    The ritual of the Afrodita goddess

    Using different methods (feather, silk, soft fur, petals of rose or other flowers, oil, hands, special massage techniques, ...), we deepen your sensuality, self-confidence, open heart, sexuality, relationship to ourselves and our body, balance between receiving and giving.

    A rejuvenating ritual performed by rare alchymic oils with myrrh, incense and rare resins. Your inner Goddess will be celebrating beauty, femininity and eternal youth. It raises self-confidence and adds courage, confidence in itself, awakens the senses. Leaves skin with a velvety and shining.

    Recommended: in lost of the sense of self, your values, self-esteem, sexuality, dullness of the senses, in the "worthy baby" syndrome.

    Whole-body Therapy:  120 min          1880 CZK
    Whole-body Therapy:  180 min          2700 CZK

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