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Home-made honey

About 200 g of a bloomless flower (30 pieces of a bloomless full bloom) or about 200 g of berry, or dandelion, or daisy, or young pine shoots, or lime, etc ... it depends on you
1l of water
2 lemons bigger
1 kg of cane sugar

If we make honey from berries I recommend crushing in a mortar, anything else we can put straight into the water for the leach. We just rock out the various beetles manually. Iʻm not letting you stay more of a saw, but itʻs up to you. Then I leave 24 hours in the refrigerator, then pass through the strainer and cloth napkin or handkerchief + squeeze through it and lemons to overflow + add cane sugar and cook for about an hour and a half under constant stirring until the water evaporates. Then I pour into the cooked glasses and close it. Then turn the glass for 5 minutes to seal. From this you will have about 2 large glasses.

take 2 hours


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