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I was thinking a lot about how to save our planet Earth from unnecesserly waste, save money and health of all beings. Thats why I think si necesserly to keep this problematic for people to know so we can make someting about it together. In union is the power, so lets go do it.

All I give it coming back to me
One person produce 554 kg of waste in year. Its about 4.155.000 T per year for hole human beings. Where is that waste go?

1. incinerator - its destroys air, water - we breathe worse and worse air. Fumes from air are going to our lungs and follow to the blood system which is going to our all body system, its harm to badly, that it cost lot of disease (below). Also with waste burning arises CO2 which cost global warming, destroy our drinking source of glacier which disappear in ocean. On youtube you can see lot of video about that, for example like glacier size of Manhattan is disappear in ocean in 10 min. So our drinking source wane.

From our body system the toxins are moving out helping urine, but everyting is going back from water purification, not everyting is possibel to filtered. For example: medicine, contraception, plastic and with that we have a lot of another disease (below).

2. dump - if u want to know how it can look in future with 4.155.000 T every year look for movie Idiocracy.

3. ocean, sea - destroing wter and food - destroy of million fishes and sea creatures every year, you can watch videos on youtube. We also eat fishes from ocean and its again going to our body system.

4. food -  Scientists in China they look for "solutions" from diferent prespective. They make food from plastic. For example (you can google it) rice from plastic, but its also different kind of food. I also readed about fruits and vegetables from plastic, they make it and spay it to taste and smell like real food. For example when I buy fruits or vegetables I every time smell it and when I feel is going the smell to my body and do semeting to me (like 100% natural eteric oils - working out with your body) I buy it another way no. For that you just need to stong your sence and feel your body system.......with that I can help you.

5. recycling - from waste you can make lot of arts, watch on youtube or you can google it. And also you can recycling waste, but it dosent mean it will be really recycling becuse lot of plastic are unrecycable and go directly to incinerator or dump.

But its also another way how to have waste in your food: you store your food in plastic (for example chocolate is warm going to plastic form in fabric, If you are sensitive you can smell it), , or in can (try to open one with green bean and leave it in fridge for week and look, do you really want to it it?).

That all leads to tousends illness of our body:
cancer, infertility, 


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