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Rescue syndrom

I would like to draw attention to a phenomenon which recently famine, especially among people who work on themselves, but also for those who work for themselves unknowingly. These are called rescue syndrome. Iʻd like to develop, because here the syndrome also suffered for some time.

I always liked "helping people" when they needed help with anything they wanted, we wanted to feel important and to compensate Iʻm also that I needed to save myself, but at that moment it did not occur. I always told myself that after all I have to help those less fortunate. Yes, but it is necessary to distinguish when and if they actually help or are doing so-called disservice. Help someone does not mean for him to do the work that he has done, but let him do it themself, and I am as a beacon to light the way. By that, he is wrong in life, and denying him the experience that is needed to grow, just grow anywhere and I start to lose my energy. You ask why? Because the place that you shine the way you jumped into the mud behind him, and you started to drown together. While itʻs always nice pointer when my energy goes down when helping someone, so either I do it through their forces or that do not interfere. But my ego tells me, but after all he needs my help. Have you noticed that even on the plane saying attach the mask yourself first and then your children. Do you know why that is? Because if you died before theyʻre put on the mask itself. First we need to work on yourself and then help others. Rather, it is to lead, to direct them than help them. Imagine that you are a beautician, and instead you explain to the client how to properly clean the skin and possibly let whatever will show you how to clean the skin every morning you went to his house and his skin cleaned for him? Is it real? How much would it cost you energy? What would he learn?

How do I know the difference between real help and rescue syndrome?
Quite simply. One client came to me for a massage, she was 16 years old, a very beautiful girl. I gave her a moment to postpone and then I walked into the room, when I began to massage her back, I noticed that her spine rotates to the left, and that she misses three ribs. I felt so sorry for her, and I thought in my head, poor her, so beautiful girl, so young and already has such problems, I have to help her and give her more energy to regenerate because it needs to. It was my forth client that day, and I was quite tired already, but felt the energy fall down even more in that moment, but at that moment I realized two things. First, go through your strength and therefore has energy went rapidly downward as in the previous three clients who were also very Stuff and "wanted to help" and secondly, what I have a right to judge and regret it when about why it happened to her, and what she have to learn from it? That stopped me by this way and I give her classical massage and you know what, I was not so tired :) but full of energy same like her, becuase she just didnt take my energy but we was shareing it beetwen us not with ego but with love.

Help only on request
Quite often I have also done that I "helped" even though nobody told me tot, and what happened then, power went down again. Because nobody did not require assistance, and therefore did not accept the energy and it went in vain.

Learn to say no, give yourself space to think
If you are staring to working on this topic and you want to be a "good girl", learn to say no, or at least give you time to think, when you feel that, you re talking rescue syndrome. Just say someting like: let me think about it.

Turn it to yourself
Recommendations at the end. What in fact is yelling at you is a little man or girl who needs to be saved, you needs attention, so give it to yourself. At that moment, when we feel that you want to save someone, letʻs look at the situation closely, in most cases it is a topic that affects us, because we have processed it ourselves and that it resonates with us. When you have the area to resolve, you will know how to guide someone else as the beacon :)

Beautiful day to all with love

Eva Eywa Zelinová


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