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Aggression as a chance

Suppression of aggression and follow consequences.
Most people have repressed aggression in themself, it is in the fact that the aggression takes as obviously wrong what is forbidden, resulting is that we dont accept our aspect of our parts and it then leads to the suppression of aggression. Which in turn has a very negative impact on our lives, if we are rather private people so we have it worse, because it can arise if a long time do not resolve, many kinds of diseases such as cancer (aggressive turn against themselves and thus begins aggression devour us like a cancer, more about this phenomenon finds in the book: Symbol as a disease or illness as a language of the soul). If we the people opening the consequence of long-term suppression of aggression lead to bullying, violence and murder perpetrated against other people. Which as you know is very common in the world, precisely because most people do not aggressiveness positive state and suppresses this aspect in ourself.

What side of aggressive is positive?
Just the fact that you are in the world is an act of aggression. When sperm and egg unite, this is a nice bang = manifestation of aggression. When you are born a new life, it is the manifestation of aggression when spring sprout buds on trees and plants are born the new life develops flower, seed growing, everything is a manifestation of aggression. It is literally fighting for their lives and without aggression can not. When a lion hunts its prey, it also needs a lot of this act of aggression, otherwise they would starve to death. Aggression is a struggle for life, to promote yourself in life, about going for your dreams, and it is therefore necessary to put it into balance.

How to release the aggressive when I got that so much in me?
If youʻre wearing a lot of repressed aggression I recommend to get out some martial arts that this aspect of work and soften. There is also the option to take a pillow and release aggression into it. Or take a box and a box cutter and knife pierce. It depends on how much it inside you depressed and what you are comfortable with a mouthful of other possibilities, find your way how to release it, but it needs to be released, otherwise explode as pressurized pressure cooker at the moment when you can carry far heavier consequences of our actions.

How can I accept aggressiveness?
Find a moment in your life when your aggression bring you something positive in to your life, for example, because you are going to "aggressively " you reached your goal. Or that your children are in this world, or have you saved your life. Find this moment, it is far easier to accept. Gradually look more and more of these moments, if I can just better. But dont push it, let it happen. The positive aspect begins to feed. A receiving until then your life will begin to manifest more and more of this positive aspect that we need to live, without it you can not succeed in life. After you accept this aspekt of yourself u can slowly start to soften it.

What will happen to that negative aspect?
When you start to take the positive aspects will ultimately reach equilibrium and negative aspect will slowly disappear from your life.

I wish you lot of success, if you will not go it alone, you can contact me, I can help you with this issue and we can go trought that together,  http://mistoznovuzrozeni.cz/index.php?sid=4&lan=en form of conscious dance, where we will go deeply with this topic or in the form of consultations, lectures and conscious work with aggressiveness,

Beautiful day with your aggressiveness,
wish Eva Eywa Zelinová


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