10 % of any profit + auctioned price of goods on Facebook + any of your donation amount = contribute to charity for our planet earth to achieve a lasting improvement in the state of planet earth as thanks for that, we can harmoniously live, money serve to remove the problems that we have created like humans.

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    2017: Project zero waste

    At the moment, I have decided to reduce waste from the planet of the earth, as my example at home and at the Center, but also to support the project of educating people in this area, where you can buy without packaging + you can purchaed fabric bags here.

    Every month we give 10% of the profit to this Center: for the education of zero waste to the people.
    If you want you can send donation directly to the center on transparent account: 2000893143/2010

    How not to buy waste can also be found on my blog: //
    I recommend the facebook page zero waste:

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