Facial treatments

    Here I offer a wide range of facial treatments valid from moisturizing, nourishing, lifting up after cleaning, see below .
    If you do not find what you are looking for call me on telephone number + 420 725 817 969 , and I will help you find the right one for you , or create a treatment specifically for your skin according to your requirements .


    Recommended for: dry skin, sensitive skin with broken capilars, inflammatory acne, working with aging skin to maintain long-lasting lifting, redness, rosea, greyish skin, for smokers
    The result: skin is moisturized, nourished, capilars artery walls are thickened, remove the discomfort of sensitive skin, adds a healthy look with an even skin tone, soothes redness, alleviating inflammatory acne, improves skin elasticity and flexibility

    Facial and neck:                           60 min       1250 CZK
    Facial, neck and decollete:          90 min       1500 CZK


    Recommended for: inflammatory acne, for skin prone to acne, expanded pores, shiny and oily skin
    Result: tightens pores, anti-inflammatory, leaving skin fresh and hydrated without unsightly shine, soothes inflammatory acne, normalizes pH level of the skin

    Face and neck, head:                                      60 min       1190 CZK
    Face, neck and decolte, head, hands:             90 min      1350 CZK

    Primaluce - Sequential skin renewal

    Recommended for: keratinization of the skin, pigmentation, acne and impure skin, aging skin
    With AHA acids, PHA along with White Complex This eliminates pigment spots, reduces accumulation of hyperpigmenových cells. Lumiskin will reduce melanin production and use Melfade J-regulating excessive synthesis of melanin.
    Result: clearer, smoother, more radiant skin without pigment spots

    Face neck and head:                                 45 min       1190 CZK
    Face, neck, decolte, head and hands:       90 min       1550 CZK

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